Photos from the August 12, 2012, Concert at the First Baptist Church in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.  These terrific photos were taken by Stephanie Pervis of CATCHLIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY in Siloam Springs. 

Michael Hunt
Stephen Barnett
Jacob Lee,
Mark Barnett and Ernest Whitmore
Jacob Lee, Clarinet -Mark Barnett, Piano
Whitmore Brass Quintet
Michele Jackson and Band
Michele Jackson, Piano-Vocal
Slick Cooper
Hand Carved Flute
Slick Cooper, Hand-Carved Flute
Brian Phillips, Vocalist
Samuel Marandure, Sax – Deborah Caldwell, Trumpet
Deborah Caldwell, Trumpet
Jacob Lee, Clarinet
Jacob Lee, Clarinet – Michael Allard, Bassoon
New Life Church Band
New Life Church
Steve Sullivant, NLC Vocals, Piano
Michael Allard, Bassoon – Mark Barnett, Piano
Michael Allard, Bassoon
Rebecca Rollene and Jordan Hunt, Vocal Duet
Ernest Whitmore, Organ
Samuel Marandure, Alto Saxophone – Deborah Caldwell, Trumpet
Samuel Marandure, Alto Saxophone – Deborah Caldwell, Trumpet
Rebecca Rollene, Donna Rollene – Vocal Duet
Rebecca Rollene, Donna Rollene, Vocal Duet
S. Michael Shuman, Piano – Rebecca Rollene, Vocalist
Rose Jackson Sparrow, Vocalist
Choir – Grace Episcopal Church
Rose Jackson Sparrow, Vocalist – Mark Barnett, Piano
Janice Low, Piano
Janice Low and Mark Barnett, Dual Piano Duet
Mark Barnett, Piano
Daniel Marandure, Piano
Concert Performers – Final Song
Concert Performers – Final Song
Mark Barnett, Producer

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